Kait Hoehne

I'm a full stack software engineer who is passionate about storytelling.

Hello - I'm Kait.

I love using full stack development to tell powerful stories well.

I am creativewith a background in public media.

I love finding creative solutions to modern problems, and I really believe that innovation can make the internet a better place.

I am adaptableconfident in multiple mediums.

Whatever the language or framework, I love using code to bring new dimensions to communications.

I am curiousand persistent in problem solving.

I love to learn with a team, getting to the bottom of problems together. I'm not afraid to experiment, ask questions or reach out for help.

Years of Experience
Languages - CompSci and Cultural
Mediums & Platforms
Clients & Partnerships

My Work

Here are some past projects.

Mic News

As a product engineer at Mic, I worked with our editors to support multimedia storytelling. Whether mixing it up with video/photo, AR/VR or Google AMP, our team tackled something exciting every day.

Google AMP Stories

One of our open-source projects at Mic was story-json, a process that allowed our editors to create articles that were then stored in JSON and exported as Google AMP articles, stories, or even videos.

Block & Mortar

Aimed at local communities, Block & Mortar allows for the grassroots sale of goods and services using the Ethereum blockchain.

Plot Lines

For fans of books, films and television shows alike, Plot Lines allows users to track the ever-changing relationships between all of their favorite characters.

EAA Chapter 491

A WordPress website designed for members of local chapter 491 of the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association).
Mildred Fish-Harnack

Mildred Fish-Harnack Pages

A series of pages built for exploring supporting materials around Wisconsin Public Television's Mildred Fish-Harnack Documentary.

WPT Digital Archives

A navigable hub for all of Wisconsin Public Television's digitized archives, organized by topic and decade.

WPT Blog

A WordPress site targeting Wisconsin Public Television viewers, built to deliver current news and behind-the-scenes previews.


Some kind words from co-workers and collaboraters.

Kait is the ultimate teammate: patient, kind, hardworking, and technically skilled. She is a brilliant engineer, both in the frontend and backend. She was always willing to work hard and help another teammate debug. She is also an amazing communicator and helped the team stay upbeat and positive during a stressful time.

Annabel Lau Full Stack Software Developer

Kait's enthusiasm, work ethic, and technical aptitude make her a valuable teammate. She is undaunted by technologically complex topics; she was eager to dive in, learn, and master a new language, Solidity, for our capstone project. She's also a whiz when it comes to CSS and design.

Anjali Merchant Full Stack Engineer at Polis, Inc.

Kait was great to work with. She was easy to work with, she did a great job not only in executing the technical side, but she brought a great design sense to the site that I was lacking before. I look forward to working with her again!

Allen Marris Director, EAA Chapter 491

I've been lucky enough to work with Kait multiple times, and her broad skill set and passion for her craft shows through in all of her projects. Not only is she an incredibly talented multi-media professional, but her kind and easy-going personality makes her a joy to work with!

Jennifer Ingish Producer - John Roach Projects


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